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July 6, 2019

Demi & Jacob | The Woodhouse at Redwood Park Wollombi Wedding

Lauren Anne Photography

If intimate weddings that feel like fun, easy-going, stress free parties are your thing – stick around for the incredible wedding of Demi & Jacob – shot by our associate photographer, Jaden!

We have so many reasons to celebrate the fact that our “job” (I mean, our passion really!) is to connect with + capture our really amazing couples during some massive and meaningful milestones in their lives – getting feedback like this makes us realise we’re definitely in the right industry! Demi, we hope you don’t mind but we’ve featured some of our live reactions throughout your feedback in bold….

“My (now) husband and I searched high and low for a photographer with a fresh, timeless look to their portfolio We came across Lauren Anne Photography and knew instantly we had to book in! Oh stop it, you two! – that means the world! – Fresh?! Timeless?! – Okay we’ll take it 😉

We actually tried booking Lauren before we even had a date or venue. !!! Lauren gives an amazing vibe from the moment you open her website to the moment you receive your first reply to the moment you meet her and her team! Sorry, what?! heart is literally exploding with feels right now.

We booked in with Jaden who is an associate to Lauren Anne Photography and he is just the same! A cool, calm and collected character with a fantastic beard. *Imagining Jaden adding ‘fantastic beard’ to his resumé* – to be fair, it is fantastic.

Everyone clicked like peanut butter and jelly and it was like a new friendship was formed between myself, my husband and this wonderful team of fine art makers! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x infinity.

Our day ran perfectly and Jaden just captured those moments in the best way possible. A story was told, captured and shared, and that story will be with us forever Excuse us while we cry forever!!!

Thank you to Lauren, Jaden and the team for going to the moon and back for our day and making us feel like we were the most important people ever!” Ooooft this feedback makes us feel over the moon. We absolutely love all of our couples and you two, Demi & Jacob, are definitely no exception! We cannot thank you enough for letting us be a part of your awesome wedding day and for your incredibly kind words that mean so much to us and have had us walking around like permanent heart eye emojis ever since we read them! x

Here’s a list of the talented vendors before we get into the photos:

The photos: Us, of course! – Shot by Jaden
The venue: The Woodhouse at Redwood Park Wollombi
The wedding gown: Atelier Rose
The flowers: Flowers Forever After
The videographer: Tiarna Breen Media
The celebrant: Holy Matrimonty
The tunes: Elizabeth James Duo
The makeup: Emma McCormack
The hair: Luxe Hair by Britt Smith
The catering: Fennel & Co
The cake: Cake Bliss

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