Please fill this form out carefully. I will use this information to understand my duties and responsibilities on the day. Once you have submitted this form, I will email you a copy. You can take the initiative and send the form back with any updates, whenever you like (via email- no need to fill in a new form!). 

Once you do this, I will email you a copy of the Wedding Information Form (in a word document), so don't worry, you will be able to make changes to the schedule up to 3 days before the wedding day. 



Today's date
Today's date
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Section 2 - You Two and the big day
Length been dating/engaged, how you met, kids, careers, hobbies, personalities
Section 3 My Schedule (very important)
You may also provide this information in a separate document.
Specify family surnames/groups
This person should know most of the people at the wedding. Their role will involve gathering the different groups (listed in previous question).
If applicable to the chosen package.
If applicable to the chosen package.
If applicable to the chosen package.
If applicable to your package
Section 5
Getting ready location(s)/Ceremony/Reception
Makeup, Hair, Dress, Accessories, Venues, Flowers, Car hire etc.