The associate photographer will contact you in the week leading up to the wedding to talk through the run sheet. 
We aim to shoot 200-300 images an hour. If in doubt, keep shooting. 
Shoot a lot of guest, family and bridal party candids. 
Shoot detail shots. 

You are required to shoot on a dual card capable camera. Set the cards to record separately, RAW + RAW (or RAW to CF & MRAW to SD for Mark 4). Please ensure you are using "pro", high speed cards. 
Please sync camera to iphone time before shooting. Format your cards after doing so. 

- General area/vibe shots (signs, exteriors of buildings, whole room shots etc.)
- Candid shots to be taken throughout the day. With an emphasis on anticipating moments of happiness (smiling, laughing, chatting).
- Detail shots to be taken of each section of the day. Preferably in portrait format . Eg, flowers, earrings, dress, bow tie, rings, signs, menus, cake, food etc.

- Bride/groom getting ready: details, getting dressed, candids, bride/groom with their bridal party once they are dressed. 
- Bride walking down aisle
- Groom’s first look at bride walking down aisle
- Ring exchange
- First Kiss (From the aisle, if possible)
- Guests watching the ceremony (mother & father of the bride & groom a priority) 
- Overall shot of ceremony
- Bride and groom walking back down aisle
- Candids of guests congratulating/hugging bride and groom.
- Cocktail hour for at least 15 minutes, capturing details and candids (while associate is shooting bridal party).
- Reception detail shots: entire room without guests in it, table decor, cake, close-ups of details like menus, place cards etc. 
If applicable:
- Bridal party entering reception
- Reception events: speeches, reactions to speeches, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss, garter, mingling/candids, etc. 
* Reception: when possible, shoot towards lights to create bokeh. Keep ISO at 1000.   

White Balance: Cloudy
Shutter speed: Never lower than 1/125 (causes blur). Ideally 1/320 or above. And higher for moving scenarios.
ISO: Never above 2000 ISO on Canon Mark 3. You can go higher you have an appropriate camera (eg. Mark 4).
Aperture: Generally between 1.4-2.0 most of the day. 2.2-4.0 for family photos. 5.0-8.0 group photo. 
Flash: Shoot in ETTL mode. And adjust brightness for each different lighting scenario. Try to achieve natural/“less flash looking” photos. OK to have a high ISO like 1000 for the entire reception, with low power on flash to achieve this look. 
* Shoot in Silent mode. Shoot in one shot mode, unless subject is moving- then shoot AI SERVO. Change camera from sRGB to Adobe RGB. Ensure you are on "Record Separately". 

Before departing from the wedding, please hand one set (or both sets) of cards to your associate photographer. From there the associate photographer will download a copy of your images to a hard drive, before returning both your cards and the hard drive to Lauren Anne. Please contact Lauren to arrange collection of your cards within 14 days (if applicable).