Lauren Anne offers a great range of premium quality products, including metallic prints, fine art prints, canvases, and frames. The below products are sourced from one of the best manufacturers in the world, so you can rest assured you'll be stoked with the end products. Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. 

*Prices do not include shipping. Minimum spend amount is $50.



These prints are of the highest quality, printed to last a lifetime, on metallic paper. This paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in striking three-dimensional images. It offers natural-looking skin tones, sharp details, and beautifully-saturated colours

Metallic Prints
6x8" — $15
10x8" — $40
10x10" — $50
14x11" — $80
14x14" — $90
20x16" — $100


These fine art prints are printed on museum quality, archival stock and are certified archival for +100 years. Bright white, acid free, 100% cotton, this beautiful paper is strong and dimensionally stable. Available in two surface variations, Velvet and Smooth. 

Fine Art Prints
10x8" — $70
10x10" — $90
14x11" — $150
14x14" — $170
20x16" — $190





Archival standard, incredible detail, stunning colour and certified archival for 100+years. These canvases are printed on Breathing Color Lyve Archival Canvas. This premium-grade canvas ensures there are no colour shift issues by utilsing an additive-free optical brightener technology to maximize longevity while maintaining the desired look. Lyve Canvas is a bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend canvas. Each canvas is coated with a specially designed museum grade, semi-gloss varnish to protect the print from moisture, abrasion and UV damage. It has the beautiful texture of a canvas while maintaining image detail. 

Canvases on Stretcher Frame
10x8" — $200
10x10" — $250
14x11" — $300
14x14" — $350
20x16" — $400
20x24" — $480


A perfect choice for storing and presenting a collection of your favourite high quality prints. The prints come in a simple box with a fold over lid. The boxes are fastened with a hidden magnetic catch, and have a ribbon inset so you can lift the prints out easily. Boxes are wrapped in Buckram and are available in 10 different colours. Prints are printed on Lustre Silver Halide Paper. 

Photo Box with Prints
50 x 6x4" prints, with box  — $250
100 x 6x4" prints, with box  — $350
150 x 6x4" prints, with box  — $450
200 x 6x4" prints, with box  — $550
300 x 6x4" prints, with box  — $650

50 x 7.5x5" prints, with box  — $300
100 x 7.5x5" prints, with box  — $400
150 x 7.5x5" prints, with box  — $500
200 x 7.5x5" prints, with box  — $600
300 x 7.5x5" prints, with box  — $700


Made from plantation grown timbers, Queensberry Pro frames are high quality frames designed to look good and last. Frames are gesso-coated and finished in white or black. You can choose to have one image mounted and framed, OR six or nine smaller images mounted and framed. Framing options: box or bevel. Includes frame and assembled print(s).

Framed Prints
Fine Art 10x8" — $240
Fine Art 10x10" — $290
Fine Art 14x11" — $340
Fine Art 14x14" — $390
Fine Art 20x16" — $440

Metallic 10x8" — $200
Metallic 10x10" — $230
Metallic 14x11" — $300
Metallic 14x14" — $330
Metallic 20x16" — $400



Shadow Box Frames are really neat! They are only available with Fine Art prints (Velvet or smooth). They feature a unique style of 'torn edge' print floating in a shadow box frame, which is gesso-coated and can be finished in black or white. If multiple images are ordered to go in a single frame, they are floated as one print. You can choose to have one image floating and framed, OR six or nine smaller images floating and framed. Includes shadow box frame and assembled print(s).

Shadow Box Framed Fine Art Prints
10x8" — $250
10x10" — $300
14x11" — $350
14x14" — $400
20x10" — $425
20x16" — $450