engagement shoots

why should we do an engagement shoot?
I really encourage my couples to do an engagement shoot. They are a great way to get you and your partner comfy around the camera and myself. It's not only a fun test run before the big day, but you also get some lovely couple photos out of it!

where should we do the shoot?
I get this question every time! My advice to you is choose a location that suits you both, or that you may have an affinity with. For example, if you both met at the beach, a beach might be a perfect location (even the one you met at)! Or if you both love nature, then a forest might be a great idea. If you're unsure, I can help you out. Some ideas: Beaches, fields, forests, rivers, farms, old buildings, the city. Get scouting...Or just leave it to me! 

when should we do the shoot?
Afternoon light is the best time to capture soft tones, avoiding any harsh shadows or highlights on the face. I recommend doing the photo shoot one hour before sunset, when the lighting is not only beautiful, but also complimentary.  

how much will it cost?
Contact me for a PDF price guide, which includes wedding and engagement package prices. 

what should we wear?
Once you've booked me in, I will email through a few guidelines for you. These guidelines will cover what not to wear, and what looks great in photos. 

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